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Photography is a creative pursuit and sometimes creativity needs a little encouragement and inspiration. Mentoring is a wonderful way to be inspired as well as learning new techniques you can incorporate into your next booking. We have a few different coaching options from a simple critique of your current work to a five hour mini workshop centered around the type of equestrian photography you want to offer. Through it all we will provide honest thoughtful critique as well as  specific advice designed for the both working and amateur photographers. 

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Mini-Workshop - $1475.00 per person

Two instructors and a maximum of five participants, our mini-workshops start long before we even pick up a camera. Prior to the actual day we want to learn as much as we can about you, your goals for your photography, why you started and where you are presently at. We'll also want to know your goals and expectations for our shooting and editing time together. Whether you are a working photographer or thinking of becoming one, this is your investment in your craft. The schedule for your workshop day looks like this: 

- Meet & Review goals for the day

- Two to three hours of shooting 

- Two hours of editing and workflow review

- Final review, action plan design and implementation. 

- Follow up one month after workshop. 

You should budget five to six hours for your workshop day and one to two hours for initial consultation & follow up. 

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Individual Coaching Session - $675.00

People learn new skills in a variety of ways. However, practicing is one the most effective ways to take theory and put it into action. Our individual coaching sessions are exactly that, we join you on one of your shoots (or we can arrange teaching shoot if required). We'll spend some time at the start reviewing camera and lens set up, followed by two hours of shooting. You'll see how we pick locations, our use of light and how we work with our clients. Then we turn it over to you, all the while being right beside you to answer questions and offer advice if needed. 

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Social Media Consulting - $575.00

With each picture you take, you are building a brand. There is no denying social media platforms like Instagram, facebook and LinkedIn are an integral tool for todays photographers. Mette is our social media guru and has developed a workflow that with practice can be replicated and added into your weekly activities. 

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Phone/Skype Coaching - $575.00

We know not everyone lives in Southwestern Ontario, so for those who don't we can chat via phone or on Skype. This coaching can address any topic you wish from shooting techniques to marketing strategies to implementing social media into your brand. You receive five hours of consultation/review in 30minute sessions. 

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Critique - $250.00

Having an objective review of your work has immense value. We are each others biggest fan, and toughest critic. And we are always reviewing each others work with simple goal to get better. As a photojournalist Mark benefited from several portfolio reviews from a number of world class photographers, many of whom had won World Press photo awards. In each instance he walked away with a clear and objective review of his work up to that time. He takes those experiences and provides thorough and thoughtful assessment of your work. These are two hour sessions and can be done in person or by phone/Skype reviewing an online gallery. At the end you will have a better understanding of your own work and new tools to use on your next shoot. 

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