About Us

Mette Holm


Mette is a former national level hunter-jumper rider. Her relationship with her beloved Jorrie and the successes they achieved are a big part of not only who she is today, but the passion she brings to each shoot. Mette is also a contributor to Alamy Stock Agency. You can see more of Mette's work here: https://www.deependimages.com

Mark Spowart


Mark is an award winning professional photographer. A contributor to Canadian Press Images, Getty Images and Alamy Live News, Mark has more than 10,000 stock images in his archive. Through these agencies his work has appeared in books, magazines and newspapers worldwide. You can see more of Mark's work here: https://markspowartphotography.com

How We Work

Partners in life and work, we challenge each other to produce work that elevates the bar higher and higher with each picture we create. 

Our practice is broken down into two sections - Photographic Prints & Private Client Commissions. 

You can view and purchase our Photographic Prints in the Gallery section on this site. This work is where our individual passion and creativity shines through. 

Our Private Client Commissions capture and display the connection and relationship between you and your horse. No one understands this better than we do. Here we work as a team to capture images you will cherish for a lifetime. 

Throughout it all we will communicate with you, so you will know exactly how to prepare yourself and your horse for our sessions. Once the shoot is completed you will have a crystal clear understanding of what you can expect to receive from us and by when. 

Contact Us

Spowart/Holm Equine Photography

London, Ontario, Canada.

(519) 701-2334